PH nowhere in sight as UK tops ?ICT Globalization Index?

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ICT Globalization Index? published by the London-based publication The Economist claims that the United Kingdom has the most open ICT sector in the world. EU report Interestingly, the Philippines, which is the world?s leading destination for call centers, did not enter the rankings and was not even mentioned in the report. In contrast, neighboring Vietnam was booked at number 16 ? the highest-ranked Asean country. Singapore, which has consistently placed in other surveys as having one of the most advanced ICT industries around the world, was also missing in the list. The only other Asian countries in the top 20 were Taiwan (8th), Japan (9th), China (12th), India (13th), and Turkey (14th). The ICT Globalization Index, commissioned by Chinese tech firm Huawei, comprises more than 25 indicators across four thematic categories: openness to ICT trade, openness to foreign investment in the ICT sector, R and D globalization, and strength of the ICT environment. The UK topped the overall index, particularly for its strength in the openness to foreign investment category. The reason for its openness, the report said, may be due to its lack of domestic innovation, which is indicated by its relatively low proportion of ICT patents. Emerging markets performed well in openness to ICT trade (China is second in this category overall, India eighth). But they fared poorly in their current ICT environment, which captures Internet, mobile and broadband penetration as well as ICT usage and spending (here China is 17th and India is last). The report showed striking differences in how countries tackle tensions between the benefits of greater ICT openness and the potential cyber-security challenges that come with it. ?For instance, despite the fact that global businesses in many sectors such as financial services and e-commerce rely on the free exchange of data across borders, many territories are now introducing restrictions on such flows, with some mandating that data use is linked to where it is geographically stored. This makes it difficult for global firms to operate,? the report said. Laurel West, the editor of the report, said: ?The research shows that while there are great benefits to having an open and globalized ICT sector, all countries have some ways to go in order to take full advantage. Amid the current cyber security concerns, it seems the challenges to greater openness will only grow greater.? ]]>

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