New apps, innovation to drive smart home controller market to $6B by 2019

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Photo credit: Photo credit:[/caption] Home broadband service providers are seeking to expand beyond access and entertainment services are adding home automation connectivity and features to their gateways and routers. CPE suppliers are also getting into the game to replace slimmer margins from their traditional broadband access equipment sales. Cisco, Netgear, Belkin, and Technicolor have been quick to deliver smart home automation solutions for service providers. Pushing both groups are new entrants such as smartThings, Revolv, and Securifi who are making inroads through crowd funding platforms and online retailers. ?Future growth in home automation controllers will increasingly come from the need to accommodate multiple application segments such as home healthcare, lighting control, security and home energy management,? said ABI senior analyst Adarsh Krisnan. ?These applications and new features such as voice and gesture control, and machine learning algorithms will define controller products of the future.? To connect a growing ecosystem of application specific devices, ABI Research expects the number of radios per controller to increase. While standards-based radios will continue to gain share, proprietary radio technologies such as Sigma Designs Z-wave technology are expected to stay relevant in future controller offerings. Cellular will also grow its presence as a backhaul connection. ]]>

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