Real estate portal rolls out Android version for app, seeks expansion in VisMin

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By Ylexis Kyle-Michael R. Rualo Germany-based real estate portal Lamudi has launched an Android version of its mobile application to enable Philippine property hunters to view over 400,000 property listings from Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and Africa from their smartphones. The free mobile app covers 28 countries and provides a mobile avenue for purchasing, renting or selling local or international properties anytime and anywhere on an Android device. Android_PH copy The company designed its application to address the growing demand for mobile Internet services in emerging markets such as the Philippines. It noted that mobile access in Asia now accounts for more than a third of all Internet usage. Recent figures from Statcounter show that Android remains the most used mobile platform worldwide. The operating system captures over 60 percent of the local mobile market. Apple?s iOS, the second most used operating system, has 22-percent market share. ?Android is the future of the smartphone market not just in the Philippines, but worldwide. For this reason, we have focused on rolling out the Android app to Lamudi?s 28 countries to reach the maximum number of users,? Antonius Salis, Lamudi co-founder, said in a press release. Lamudi?s local website, which has now over 50,000 property listings, is also expanding its operations to Visayas and Mindanao. Cebu and Davao are seen, next to Manila, as drivers of the local real estate industry. Lamudi cited that prominent Manila-based developers and brokers are eyeing the cities as well. ?We offer brokers in Cebu and Davao the possibility to market their properties to the 36 million Filipinos who are online and to OFWs around the world given the international reach of Lamudi, Jacqueline van den Ende, managing director of Lamudi Philippines, said. Aside from giving brokers their own free microsite to market themselves, Lamudi also seeks to educate the market by training brokers on online marketing techniques, van den Ende said. Lamudi is a business venture of German mother company Rocket Internet. Aside from Lamudi, Rocket Internet?s other Philippine enterprises include Lazada, Zalora and Easy Taxi. Last week, the company also rolled out its iOS application in Pakistan, Mexico, Colombia and Morocco. The software will be available soon in other countries. Salis added that the Lamudi software is a world first because of the number of countries it covers. A customized search function on both the Android and iOS programs allows users to filter results by country and property type. Clients will be notified immediately by a match alert function as soon as a property that suits their needs hits the market. Users can also bookmark properties for future reference by creating a list of favorites. The list can be accessed later on at any time and on any device. All listings include photo galleries, detailed property information, map reference and multiple contact details for property owners and agents. Benedict Blaza, Lamudi product developer, said that the application maximizes the potential of users? smartphones by making use of the devices? Google Maps and social media software. Lamudi has prioritized compatibility with the latest operating software in mobile devices, such as Android Jellybean, but will continuously adapt according to the needs of the market, Blaza added. Users are free to submit properties for posting, but would require the services of a licensed broker for the second property onwards. The posts are filtered before being uploaded online. According to Lamudi account manager Koen Kok, professional brokers are required to verify the authenticity of titles and documents. The brokers are also needed to handle the paper work involved in real estate transactions. ]]>

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