Paranaque school is first to deploy Chromebooks on large scale in PH

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VPS The VPS building?s second level now houses classrooms with refabricated furniture to make DLP conducive for learners. Common tables are used for collaborative study by groups of students, while a projector and screen help teachers present daily lessons in a more visual manner. Each classroom accommodates around 25 to 30 students and is equipped with its own access point to serve the bandwidth requirements of the class. Since the Chromebooks require Internet access, the school beefed up its IT infrastructure to ensure reliable connectivity during school hours. The Chromebook as a learning platform is something new in the Philippines, where tablets are still the device used in most schools undertaking mobile education programs. School principal Melissa Espiritu acknowledges an increase in enrollment because of the implementation of the DLP, with parents and their children enticed to be part of a pioneering initiative in Paranaque. It is certainly not an easy process, she admits. chrome zone ?We have been planning our digital education program for the past five years, but only in December last year were we able to put everything together. A sales agent from Vibal presented us with a product package that includes their interactive textbooks, V-Smart learning management app, and the Acer Chromebook. We knew right then that it was time to launch the DLP,? Espiritu says. Vibal is an authorized reseller of Acer devices for the education sector. It is also an official Chromebooks for Education software reseller in the Philippines. Espiritu says that after device testing sessions and benchmarking with other schools, the evaluation process is still ongoing. They continue to consult with stakeholders and end-users, namely the teachers, students, and parents. Teacher trainings, classroom practice, and program evaluations are also being rolled out. A DLP official policy for Chromebook usage has been drafted in coordination with the parents. ?Our parents are very much involved in this. They really gave us their full support to realize the program,? the principal says. VPS is planning the next stages of its DLP: securing certifications for its teachers, improving the faculty?s teaching portfolio, customizing technologies for specific users, and rebranding the school as a pioneer in digital learning. As early as now, the school is eyeing expansion of the DLP program for levels 4, 5, and 6 by next year. ]]>

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