NetSuite to roll out new user interface for business applications

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NewUI-Dashboard3 The new UI continues breaks down the usability barriers inherent in disparate departmental applications, which require users to switch from application to application to try to automate business processes. NetSuite has pioneered new user interface technologies that revolutionized the capabilities of business applications and set the standards that are still being copied today: From pioneering in-line editing in Web-based applications; to incorporating Ajax technologies to create business intelligence ?dashboards? that live natively in core business applications; to inventing the concept of ?role-based? user interfaces. In once again reinventing the business application user interface, NetSuite conducted three years of deep usability research with its customers. NetSuite?s innovation in user experience design is quite different from applications in most business departments, which are designed to support the needs of only one role. NetSuite deployments support users from all departments of a company ? from front-line sales, marketing, finance, ecommerce, HR and services employees through to C-level executives. NetSuite completed extensive research, user observations, and usability testing with users across all of these roles. The result is a consistent, seamless experience that allows business users to work faster and easier and get the job done more efficiently. For example, sales professionals can more quickly and easily enter and track information on their customers and prospects, finance personnel can easily find the data necessary to close the books, services professionals get rapid insight into project status and profitability and the CEO gets a comprehensive view of company operations with the interactive, real-time dashboard. ?Since the day I founded NetSuite I have spent much of my time tackling one of the thorniest challenges in building complex mission-critical business applications — making them not only easy-to-use, but also enjoyable,? said Founder and CTO Evan Goldberg. ?Our new UI was not only designed with customers in mind, in some ways it was actually designed by customers. The result is an experience that really sets the standard for modern business applications.? Leveraging and supporting HTML5 and based on principles of modern ?flat design,? which emphasizes crispness and clarity, the NetSuite UI blends elegance and functionality with easy-to-read fonts, attractively redesigned icons and graphics, increased whitespace and greater aesthetic simplicity while enhancing the rich features that help distinguish the world?s leading cloud business management software suite. Overall highlights include:

? Completely new visual design across all elements of the suite. ? A slim, anchored navigational header that ensures quick and easy access to navigation and tools such as Global Search, Recent Records, Help, Quick Add, and Shortcuts. ? A new global QuickAdd that enables users to rapidly add tasks, events, contacts, and more from anywhere in the product. ? ?Progressive disclosure? that conceals action prompts until mouseover for a cleaner experience. ? An improved experience on tablets through a responsive dashboard, larger menus and controls and improved scrolling. ? A new dashboard personalization panel that makes it easier for users to tailor the dashboard to their individual needs. ? New iconography focused on learnability; greater visual consistency across all pages, pop-ups and other interface elements.


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