Customs turns over confiscated Asus laptops to DepEd

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BOC commissioner John P. Sevilla BOC commissioner John P. Sevilla[/caption] The entry-level Asus laptops were seized in December 2011 from consignee Orza Marketing for undervaluation and misdeclaration. Section 2503 of the Tariffs and Customs Code of the Philippines mandates outright seizure and forfeiture in favor of the government if the discrepancy between what the importer declared and what was found by the customs examiners has a difference of over 30 percent in terms of value, volume, or weight. But because the specifications of the laptops are not suitable for business use, BOC commissioner John P. Sevilla opted to donate the units to DepEd to support its Computer Training and Educators and Resource for Students (CompuTERS) Program. The DepED project aims to bring access to computer technology to more than 20 million learners and more than 600,000 teachers across 46,603 elementary and secondary schools nationwide. ?While the donation was approved in 2012, it took time to waive the storage, demurrage and other port charges. It is our goal to expedite the disposition of forfeited items so that we can help decongest the ports and maximize returns ? whether in terms of revenues or other non-monetary benefits ? for our government and our people,? Sevilla said. Asian Terminals Inc. (ATI), operator of the Port of Manila, and the shipping lines concerned waived their charges to expedite the donation and transfer of the laptop computers to DepEd. ]]>

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