Bill seeks to regulate use of poles for telecom signals, TV transmission

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xavier romualdez Camiguin representative Xavier Jesus Romualdo said House Bill 3730, now pending with the Committee on Information and Communications Technology, hopes to promote the growth and expansion of the Philippine cable TV and telecommunications industries. Romualdo said this would enable the public to enjoy a more affordable and a wider array of cable TV and telecommunications services. According to Romualdo, cable TV and telecommunications companies mainly employ cables and related transmission equipment to deliver their services to their respective customers, thus making attachments to utility poles and make use of a related support structures and rights of way to transmit cable TV or telecommunications signals. “The establishment and maintenance of utility poles and related support structures and the acquisition of rights of way require significant financial investments and only a few can afford to do so. Cable TV and telecommunications companies make use of pole attachments and pay fees to pole owners for such attachments,” Romualdo said. Romualdo pointed out that this arrangement has led to pole owners charging excessive amounts for cable TV and telecommunications pole attachments. The huge cost of making and maintaining pole attachments are then passed on to consumers, he added. Under the bill to be known as the “Pole Attachments Act,” the pole attachment fee shall be equal to the sum of the additional expense and the pole premium. The pole premium shall be equal to 12 percent of the additional maintenance expense. The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) is mandated to carry out the functions and duties of the proposed law, including the resolution of disputes and complaints. ]]>

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