Accenture says local firms need more tech-savvy CEOs

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By Tom Noda To win in the digital age, business owners of traditional companies — especially large enterprises — need to become digital leaders as well, according to top executives of technology services and outsourcing company Accenture. [caption id="attachment_19850" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Accenture chief technology officer Paul Daugherty being interviewed by reporters via telepresence Accenture chief technology officer Paul Daugherty being interviewed by reporters via telepresence[/caption] In an interview via telepresence at the Accenture Philippines headquarters in Mandaluyong City, chief technology officer Paul Daugherty said Accenture is working extensively with business leaders to adapt their strategies to the changes brought about by the digital revolution. “It is important for business leaders to understand these changes,” Daugherty said, who was speaking from New York. “Last year, we started writing our vision not just for the IT executives but also for business leaders.” Also present during the telepresence press briefing was Accenture technology lead for Asean Nick Taylor, who reminded companies that they need to be fast enough to become digital or else suffer disruptions in their existing markets. “There’s a lot of pressure on organizations to adopt technology as well. There was a survey recently that pointed out that about 25 percent of corporate board searches, from corporate board officers or directors were looking for digital disrupters,” Daugherty said. The executive noted that the survey covered not just those from the IT sector but across all industries, including small businesses, since all are facing a pressing need to re-examine their digital capabilities and that the pressure applies to both the IT and the business side. He said Accenture is seeing a good sign from business executives, who are willing to understand the nature of these changes. “In the future versions, maybe every executive needs to be a digital executive,” Daugherty said. accenture2 He said many companies right now are creating the post of ?chief digital officer?, which he said as beneficial for many organizations. “We believe over time it?s going to be important for every executive to understand the digital business,” Daugherty said. Both Daugherty and Taylor identified six new IT trends that are now driving the digital power shift such as “Digital-Physical Blur, From Workforce to Crowdsource, Data Supply Chain, Harnessing Hyperscale, Business of Applications, and Architecture Resilience.” For the Philippines, Taylor said three factors — improving economy, smart device adoption, and young population — will drive companies to become ever-more digital. But, he said the government should first improve Internet connection speeds in the country. ]]>

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