8 out of 10 Pinoy business travelers rely on hotel reviews: survey

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Agoda Hotel Reviews Carried out in March this year, the company?s Travel Smarts survey said that Filipino business travelers are the most likely to rely on hotel reviews, with 80 percent saying they are important. This was followed by Indians (68 percent), Chinese (66 percent), Malaysians (64 percent), and Vietnamese (62 percent) business travelers, the company said in a statement. ?On the other end of the spectrum were Japanese business travelers who are the least likely to rely on hotel reviews?59 percent said they didn’t matter. Other nationalities who said reviews are not so important are Australian (53 percent), French (51 percent), UK (46 percent), and American (39 percent) business travelers,? the statement added. The survey asked 65,000 Agoda.com customers how important hotel reviews are to them, how many hotel reviews they generally read before they book, and if they would book at a hotel that had no reviews. ?Choosing a hotel is influenced heavily by word of mouth, so it’s not surprising that reviews from fellow travelers play a huge role in the decision process,? Timothy Hughes, Agoda.com’s VP for marketing said. ?With over 7 million verified customer reviews to rely on, Agoda.com customers can get a great idea of what people just like them ? or unlike them ? think of the hotel they’re looking at. When it came to researching hotels, the majority of travelers (based on countries with more than 100 survey respondents) over 63 percent, looked at ten or fewer properties before making their choice. Twenty-six percent looked at between 11 and 25, and just over 10 percent looked at 25 or more. However, when it came to business travelers, 74 percent looked at 10 or fewer hotels before booking, a full 10 percent more than the average. Unsurprisingly, business travelers also placed the least importance on hotel reviews, with 43 percent saying that they did not play a significant part in determining their hotel choice, versus 38 percent for all other traveler types. ?What was clear from the results is that customer reviews play a large part in helping most travelers determine which hotel they will be staying at,? the statement said. ?Though business travelers were the exception, the vast majority of non-business travelers ? 77 percent ? said that they would not book a hotel that did not have any reviews,? the company said.]]>

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