Bar exams mark milestone as bar code system replaces name cards

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bar 2014 A memorandum issued on Tuesday, Sept. 16, by SC associate justice Diosdado Peralta said that starting this year, the “name card” utilized in previous examinations will be replaced by a new “bar code” system. The name card is a paper-based cardboard that is filled up by examinees and inserted in an envelope pasted on the examination booklet. ?The shift was made in order to modernize the conduct of the Bar Examinations and to make the process of checking, encoding, and decoding the examination booklets faster and more secure,? said Peralta, who is this year?s Bar chairman. Peralta said every examination notebook will have a total of three bar codes: two bar codes stickered on the examination notebook and one attached to the notebook which contains the name of the bar examinee, the university of the college of law where the bar examinee graduated, and the examinee’s room and building assignment. ?The bar code which contains the name and the University of the College of Law where the bar examinee graduated will be detached and placed on the Seat Plan before the examination notebook is handed to the bar examinee,? Peralta?s memo said. Also, by reason of the new bar code system, only one examination notebook will be used by every bar examinee per bar subject. ?If there are valid reasons which warrant the change of examination notebook, the new notebook will be stapled together with the original examination notebook because the bar code cannot be physically transferred to the new examination notebook,? the memo added. Although the bar code is scratch-proof, the memo said examinees should be careful not to write on, stain, or fold the bar code because this may render the bar code unreadable by the machine. ]]>

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