Report: Carriers entering new era of location services

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Photo credit: Photo credit:[/caption] In a new report, ABI Research considers the applications, verticals, and technologies that will drive new location-based revenue growth for carriers worldwide. ABI Research senior analyst Patrick Connolly commented, ?Location for carriers is no longer about navigation applications. Location will become an essential tool in network optimization and CEM, as we move to LTE, HetNets, and personalized subscriber packages. ?While this in itself gives a clear ROI, there is also significant upside on new exciting areas such as retail/indoor, financial/banking, big data analytics, and advertising. ?Huge tertiary benefits aside, ABI Research forecasts direct carrier revenues to approach $2 billion by 2019 in a market with far greater long-term potential,? Connolly said. This is reflected in a number of new and upcoming announcements from major carriers like Verizon (Precision Market Insights, Smart Rewards), AT&T (Location Information Services), SK Telecom (Indoor Location), Telefnica Germany, O2 (Dynamic Insights), Orange (Data for Development), and Sprint (Pinsight Media). From an advertising and analytics perspective, ABI Research has also noted an increase in joint ventures between carriers, such as Weve in the United Kingdom, providing the scale and frequency needed to compete. If this proves to be a success, it will be quickly replicated worldwide. Connolly added, ?Carriers have been sitting on a location goldmine for too long, fearing a privacy backlash. However, through careful segmentation of aggregated, anonymous analytics and advertising, coupled with clear opt in/out options and third party approval of anonymity, carriers can overcome these unnecessary fears, while giving subscribers the power to choose how their data is used, if at all. ?Demand is growing for location-based information and there is always a need for a Google alternative. Carriers are well placed in the analytics, retail, financial and advertising spaces to be just that.? ]]>

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