AMD throws support behind new video game

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beyond civilization ?AMD Radeon GPUs with Mantle are over a year ahead of other graphics companies in delivering high-throughput, high-efficiency graphics to gamers and developers,? said Matt Skynner, corporate vice president and general manager for product and platform solutions business unit at AMD. ?As gamers settle in for a marathon session of Sid Meier?s Civilization: Beyond Earth, we?re proud that the potent combination of Mantle and the award-winning Graphics Core Next architecture effortlessly enable the definitive experience.? AMD said Mantle is a ?low-overhead? graphics API that can help improve performance for gamers by making better use of multi-core CPUs, streamlining game code execution, virtually eliminating software bottlenecks and utilizing GPU resources with incredible efficiency. In performance testing, the AMD Radeon R9 290X GPU with Mantle rendered Sid Meier?s “Civilization: Beyond Earth” at higher frame rates than any other single-GPU graphics card. Gamers looking to secure Mantle?s performance for their own empires can do so with the purchase of an AMD Radeon R9 or R7 Series GPU starting at $99. ]]>

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