Smart?s homegrown music streaming service marks first year

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Smart innovation and product development head Mellissa Limcaoco Smart innovation and product development head Mellissa Limcaoco[/caption] Spinnr is not only hosting millions of tracks ? both local and foreign — but has managed to link Filipino fans to music stars like Red Hot Chili Peppers, One Republic, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, John Legend, Ariana Grande, Rihanna, and Eminem to name a few. When Spinnr was launched a year ago, Smart?s innovation and product development head Mellissa Limcaoco vowed the new service will revolutionize Pinoy music. Spinnr did change the music lifestyle of 300,000 subscribers from Smart, Talk ?N Text, and Sun Cellular. ?Just a few years ago, music streaming was not a familiar concept to most Filipino music lovers. Smart and Spinnr paved the way for more fans to affordably enjoy music whenever they want without worrying about the limited storage space on their mobile devices,? said Limcaoco. Lucille Tang, Spinnr product manager, said the music streaming service has provided real-world access to music stars and festivals to subscribers. ?Be it through local events, music festivals, intimate meet-ups with artists or going as big as sending winning subscribers to world concert tours, Spinnr has provided a once in a lifetime experiences that money can?t buy,? she said. Through Spinnr-sponsored events, fans are also able to get sought-after merchandise of their favorite acts and even get the chance to meet and greet them in person. 2 To mark Spinnr?s milestone, the music streaming app has launched Spinnr Radio at Gramercy 71 in Makati last Nov. 6. ?Now, subscribers can free-flowingly listen to tracks or choose a playlist that will excite them within Spinnr Radio without spending anything for data or even a music subscription,? announced Tang. ?This new feature harks back to the time when listeners are fed the kind of songs they want in a continuous flow much like how we enjoyed radio. It?s as if listeners are allowing Spinnr to mirror their taste by serving up playlists to them ? absolutely free.? In its maiden year, Spinnr also won recognitions. In June, it was cited as the most outstanding entry by a mobile network in the Best Content Service category for ACA 2014, which recognized the best content-based service that addresses demand for content service needs of its end-users. In mid-2014, a Boston-based mobile technology survey firm called Jana named Spinnr as the most preferred music streaming service in the Philippines, with 32 percent of survey respondents saying they use the app to listen to music on their smartphones. With the addition of Spinnr Radio, Spinnr has also launched free music listening to a whole new ground by providing free and unlimited radio access to music without any data subscription required. Tracks are still available for streaming through smartphones via the iOS and Android apps and via the Web through ]]>

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