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aide australia 2 The new website contains information on the organization?s services which include professional development and education, registration assistance, relocation services and migration assistance, among others. Aide Australasia (AA) is in partnership with Registered Training Organization (RTO) to help Filipino professionals meet the qualifications required by the industry or educational institution that they aim to be part of. Led by Filipino-Australian Joie Lacson, a registered nurse with 26 years of experience in the Australian workforce, Aide Australasia is the first organization to offer a full-service delivery program and the support of knowledgeable and experienced experts in helping other professionals achieve their Australian dream. With core values that include integrity and accountability, the people behind Aide Australasia are committed to work with Filipino professionals every step of the way to ensure that their paperwork is completed accurately and efficiently. ?One of the challenges among professionals who work abroad is getting much-needed help and assistance ? from looking for the right schools, securing professional license to residency. We understand that this might be a difficult process, so we have developed Aide Australasia as a one-stop-shop service to assist and provide guidance to eligible professionals every step of the way,? said Lacson. ?With our help, the chances of achieving success on Australian shores are maximized. We make it a point to be there for those who will seek our help, whenever they have any queries or issues.? aide australia To ensure that professionals can get the best training and additional education they need, AA partnered with key schools and universities in every Australian state, including New South Wales University, Flinders University, University of Adelaide, and Melbourne University. AA launched their services in the Philippines last year by holding free seminars for Filipino nurses in Davao City and Iloilo City. The organization is scheduled to hold free seminars in other key cities in the Philippines for Filipino nurses within next year.]]>

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