DepEd taps STI for mobile PC lab, alternative learning system

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The first batch of ALS students under the deal The first batch of ALS students under the deal[/caption] The ALS, meanwhile, is a free education program spearheaded by DepEd that seeks to help learners who were not able to finish secondary education. Thus, it addresses the problem on the growing number of high school students who leave school every year. ALS programs provide out-of-school children (OSC), out-of-school youth (OSY), and out-of-school adult (OSA) with opportunities to complete their high school education in a non-formal learning environment. Learners under this program are also allowed to choose their own ?learning strands? or modules as the ALS sessions have more open regulations on the learning pace of its students. Under the agreement, STI is allowing the use of its classrooms, computer laboratories, and providing volunteer teachers who will facilitate the sessions. The first ALS batch in STI started on March 7, 2015 with STI employees teaching 52 students. ?Education is an important, if not the most, starting point of an individual to become capable and conscientious. According to UNESCO?s latest report, the Philippines has 1.46 million out-of-school population. This sad reality has driven us to become active in helping out with DepEd?s ALS program because we want to contribute in dropping that number, and educating as much Filipinos as we could. This will also be an achievement not only on our part in upholding the value of education in the country, but also for all the out-of-school Filipinos. We will help to finally finish their secondary education and have better prospects in their lives,? said Jacob. ALS learners will take learning strands in communication skills, problem solving and analytical thinking, productivity, development of self and a sense of community, and expanding one?s world vision. Those who have completed the ALS sessions (held every Saturday for 10 months) will take the Accreditation and Equivalency Test (A&E) which, if passed, will entitle them to an ALS Diploma that serves as an equivalent for a high school diploma. Non-passers, on the other hand, are still welcome to take the entire ALS program again. ]]>

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