Singapore manufacturing expo to highlight trends in 3D printing

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MTA 2015 photo According to a report released by Deloitte Global, the Philippines is poised to be one of the region?s growth leaders. Industry players and analysts have recently expressed confidence that given the right set of tools and efficient workflows, Philippine manufacturers would be more successful and competitive here and abroad. Furthermore, the Philippine Manufacturing Industry Roadmap highlights the long-term vision of the industry to develop a globally competitive manufacturing industry supported by strong backward and forward linkages with both domestic and global supply chains. The goal is for the manufacturing industry contribution to the economy to account for 30% of total value added and generate 15% of total employment. MTA2015 will provide Philippine manufacturing players access to the latest precision engineering and machine tool technologies available in the global market. The event is expected to showcase more than 330 exhibitors from 27 countries and regions.]]>

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