AMD lights up Broadway with Times Square?s largest HD display

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TimeSquare Billboard (2) The stunning visuals that drive the digital sign?s massive size ? 25,000 square feet of Ultra-High Definition digital signage incorporating nearly 24 million pixels ? are powered by AMD FirePro professional graphics cards. The sign, with playback system designed and managed by Diversified Media Group, is a single surface covering a city block in length and stands eight stories high. Driving the visual display are three AMD FirePro professional graphics cards using AMD Eyefinity Technology, with each card powering six sections of the display for a combined resolution of 10,048 x 2,368 pixels. The individual display sections are synchronized across graphics cards and zones using the FirePro S400 synchronization module. ?Graphics realism is a key driver for the next generation of immersive experiences, whether through display walls, virtual reality, or other aspects of visualization,? said Forrest Norrod, senior vice president and general manager for EESC Business Group at AMD. ?The Times Square display powered by our AMD FirePro professional graphics and scalable Graphics Core Next architecture is a great example of how AMD is ready and able to innovate with customers and push the boundaries of visual technology.? AMD FirePro graphics and Graphics Core Next architecture meet a broad set of application needs by executing an enormous number of operations in parallel within a single computer clock cycle. Those operations applied to billions of polygons every second are what make a display wall or animation look real to the human eye. ?The visual and technical requirements for creating one of the world?s largest display walls and with Ultra-high Definition were daunting,? said Mitchell Mittler, vice president for technical solutions at Diversified Media Group. ?To achieve a state-of-the-art implementation on this scale necessitated industry leaders who could meet these requirements and also deliver rock solid support. With the cutting edge AMD FirePro professional graphics cards, AMD delivered on all fronts and we couldn?t be more pleased with the result.? ]]>

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