Info Alchemy named as certification and training provider for data scientists

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iaandgstf Dr. Anton Ravindran, president of GSTF, said the company?chose Info Alchemy as their exclusive partner in the Philippines to promote, educate, and enhance the skill sets of aspiring Big Data talents. “We focus on the skills transfer in the space of cloud computing, business analytics and Internet of Things (IoT) which will once again disrupt existing business models in today?s Digital Age. These technologies soon will further transform the way how we live and do business in the ubiquitous world of Internet of Things. It will fast forward how we innovate, compete, customize, personalize, among others,” Ravindran said. Also a council member of the Singapore Computer Society, Ravindran pointed out that there are now 4.5 million jobs in the business analytics space but only 30% of them are filled.? “The Philippines can become the next hub for business analytics talent and in order for that to happen you need skills. We need to have a lot of business analysts, data scientists, cloud specialists, and cloud professionals,” he explained. In the first quarter of 2014, the government and private sectors in the Philippines have set up goals to achieve at least 10% of the forecasted $20-billion Big Data market by 2016. One of the major initiatives was the launching of the Analitika consortium for smarter analytics. In 2010, President Benigno S. Aquino III led the launching of Open Data Philippines, which aims to institutionalize open, transparent, accountable, and participatory governance. Dr. Ravindran, however, stressed that the programs offered as part of this alliance between Info Alchemy and GSTF is not product- or vendor- centric, but technology-based training and leverages from open source technologies. Both companies believe that from being a global leader of BPO (business process outsourcing ) for the voice segment, the Philippines can very well scale up the value chain to become the incubator and center of excellence for smart Business Analytics (BA) with its young, techie, and English-speaking population. “The Philippines has been one of the top destination for outsourced IT services for a number of years. Our intent is to enable our local talents by providing training and certification courses that is recognized globally,” said Emil V. Capino, president of Info Alchemy.]]>

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