Starmobile unveils 5.3-inch Up Neo, cuts price of big battery Jump Max

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neo ?Gadget lovers who want to upgrade to a new level of mobility will surely adore the Up Neo because it is very easy to handle,? said Starmobile product development head Michael Chen. ?With thin bezels and a profile of only 8.25mm, it?s roughly the size of a regular 5-inch phone,? he said. In terms of power, the Starmobile Up Neo is also the first in the series to sport an octa-core processor. This gives it the ability to run the latest games from the Google Play store, as well as to multi-task with a variety of productivity and entertainment apps. But perhaps the most unique feature of the Up Neo is its triple LED Flash, which provides users with extra illumination. specs neo ?Conventional smartphones have one or two flash LEDs. With three bulbs, the Up Neo provides unparalleled shooting capabilities in no-light environments,? said Chen. ?There?s also a front flash for when you take selfies with its fun peace-to-selfie feature,? he added. In terms of battery life, the Up Neo takes it up a notch with its higher-than-average 2400mAh power pack. Users can enjoy up to 18.7 hours of talk time and up to 26 days of standby power. jump max The company also announced that it has cut the price of the Starmobile Jump Max. Now priced at P2,990 (was P3,690) this portable powerhouse — rated to last for up to 15 hours for calls and up to 33 days on standby thanks to its super large 3000mAh battery — is said to be the most affordable big battery smartphone in the market today. Complementing the capacious battery is a CPU that?s ideal for every day tasks such as calling, texting, and surfing. A metal-reinforced micro-USB port also ensures that the Jump Max is able to withstand wear and tear from the constant plugging and unplugging of the charging cable. specs max ]]>

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