Day: August 3, 2015

ePLDT unit to deploy SAP solution in Kenny Rogers, Seattle?s Best Coffee

Epicurean Partners Exchange Inc. (EPEI), the local franchisee of Kenny Rogers Roasters and Seattle?s Best Coffee, recently tapped ePLDT subsidiary ABM Global Solutions (AGS) to implement SAP Enterprise Resource Planning system to manage the operations of its expanding chain of restaurants across the Philippines.

Blog | Creating a risk-aware culture

Is strong security even possible in a hyper-connected era? The answer is yes, but it requires fundamental changes in processes and attitudes.

3 firms submit bids for airport buses equipped with Wi-Fi, CCTV

Only one qualified applicant will be selected to apply for franchise to operate more than 40 units of modern airport buses equipped with on-board CCTV, Wi-Fi, on-board automated bus arrival electronic display and announcement system.

Recto wants Facebook page for every government project

Sen. Ralph G. Recto has issued a call asking the government to open a Facebook account for every government infrastructure project to allow the public to track its progress and monitor its implementation.

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