PH posts lone positive outlook in regional survey for IT jobs market

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monster 1 The MEI, a monthly gauge of online job hiring activity, records the industries and occupations that show the highest and lowest growth in recruitment activity in various markets. The latest MEI data for July 2015, found the IT, telecom/ISP and BPO/ITES industry in Singapore experienced the steepest decline at -10%, when compared to July 2014. This is followed by Malaysia at -3% year-over-year. Overall, this sector is one of the lowest-growth industries in Singapore. The Philippines is the only country that saw slight positive growth in the BPO/ITES sector, at 9% year-over-year in July. The IT, telecom/ISP sector recorded a year-on-year decline of -7%. The fluctuations in online hiring within the industry have also been reflected in software, hardware, telecom jobs, where none of the markets registered positive year-over-year growth. However, despite registering negative growth at -18% year-over-year, these job roles emerged as one of the top growth occupations in the Philippines ? an indication of the overall negative slump online hiring is currently experiencing locally. monster 2 ?In the Philippines, the BPO/ ITES industry will likely see greater growth in the coming months, as more call centers open up across the country and more talent is needed to maintain this. On the other hand, Singapore?s growth may continue to decline as employers continue to exercise caution when it comes to hiring in the second half of the year. Despite the negative year-over-year growth in Malaysia, it is also worth taking note of the improvement in the pace of growth between July and June,? Sanjay Modi, managing director for for India, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong. The Monster Employment Index is a monthly gauge of online job posting activity, based on a real-time review of millions of employer job opportunities culled from a large representative selection of career Web sites and online job listings across Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines. ]]>

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