Mobile app allows PH motorists to file insurance on spot after road incidents

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Credit: wikipedia Credit: wikipedia[/caption] The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) is now in discussion with a local software company that developed the smartphone application called PARAK (police accident report kit) that could aid traffic enforcers to easily document road accidents. PARAK was developed by Galileo Software Services Inc., the same local company that created the Theft Apprehension and Recovery Application (TARA), an anti-theft smartphone application. The LTFRB and Galileo plan to provide law enforcers such as the Highway Patrol Group (HPG) now manning the whole stretch of EDSA with the smartphone embedded with PARAK application to aid them in quickly clearing road accidents. With the smartphone PARAK application, traffic law enforcers can take pictures of the road incident, a basic requirement to file car insurance claim. The application has an electronic incident report document that motorists involved in the accident can sign, which together with the pictures, can be emailed to the insurance company on the spot to file road accident damage claim. Unlike current practice during road accidents where affected parties need to wait for investigators to check the damage on both vehicles, PARAK application allows swift completion of necessary documentation of the incident and, clearing the roadblock within a few minutes. ?One of the main causes of traffic congestions on main roads are minor traffic incidents involving motorists who want to get ahead of one another in busy intersections; the challenge for our traffic enforcers is how to quickly clear these road mishaps to prevent traffic congestion,? Jun Lozada, IT engineer and president of Galileo Software said. ?Once traffic law enforcers are equipped with smartphones with PARAK application, motorists involved in accidents can amicably settle the issue and forward the evidences and legal documents to their insurance companies on the spot,? Lozada, more known as NBN-ZTE whistleblower, said LTFRB and Galileo expect to finalize the agreement soon and officially roll out the program. Meanwhile, Galileo will also soon officially make TARA, a mobile anti-theft app commercially available, in partnership with Smart and Sun. TARA has two versions: Firmware TARA, which is embedded in devices at the chipset level; and TARA SOS (Save Our Smartphone), the downloadable version. The downloadable version once installed and activated to any type of smartphone, can render inoperable the essential features, as defined, of the smartphone to an unauthorized user when the smartphone is lost. ]]>

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