Revival of 9-year-old parricide case puts ex-IT publication editor in jail

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parricide case has landed a former editor and head of a Makati-based IT media conglomerate in jail. [caption id="attachment_28990" align="aligncenter" width="545"]Ibarra ?Bombing? Gutierrez via Facebook page of GoldCrest Communications Ibarra ?Bombing? Gutierrez via Facebook page of GoldCrest Communications[/caption] Ibarra ?Bombing? Gutierrez, former chair and editor of Media G8way Corp. which published IT magazines such as ComputerWorld Philippines and PC World Philippines, is now imprisoned at the Makati City Jail as the prime suspect in the brutal death of his wife Delia in September 2006. In March 2007, the parricide case was junked by Makati second assistant city prosecutor Henry Salazar for lack of probable cause. Salazar said in an 18-page resolution that no struggle attended the crime and that the victim, as alleged by Gutierrez, may have committed suicide. But, after nine years, relatives of the deceased Delia may have refiled the case at the Department of Justice since the Makati Prosecutor?s Office does not have any record of any refiling of the suit. Based on jurisprudence, a case can still be revived if it was merely dismissed after preliminary investigation at the fiscal level. The legal concept of double jeopardy would not be applicable since preliminary investigation is not part of a formal court trial. Gutierrez?s incarceration came to light after a former close colleague, IT executive Leo Querubin, posted on Facebook on Oct. 13 that Gutierrez was unable to appear in court for another case involving bounced cheques. ?I was at Makati Trial Court Branch 62 yesterday in connection with the case I filed against Bombing Gutierrez for issuing cheques that bounced. Although he already agreed to pay, he did not show up in court because his lawyer said he was detained in Makati City Jail for parricide,? Querubin posted. A check with the guards at the Makati City Jail confirmed that Gutierrez is indeed locked up in the facility for ?over a month now.? Sources said he was served with a warrant of arrest at his Paranaque home. Querubin, who was recruited by Gutierrez to serve as Media G8way?s chief operating officer for a short period of time, said in a telephone interview that Gutierrez issued cheques amounting to P200,000 that bounced. In total, however, Querubin said Gutierrez owes him about P500,000. ?I lent him money so he can pay the salaries of employees and other expenses at Media G8way because he?s expecting to claim the proceeds of the sale of his condominium unit in Quezon City,? said Querubin, the immediate past president of the Philippine Computer Society (PCS). Former employees at Media G8way have also sued Gutierrez for unpaid wages and unremitted SSS contributions. An arbiter at the National Labor Relations Commissions has already rendered a decision in favor of the workers but is now subject of an appeal. After the closure of Media G8way, Gutierrez put up a company called GoldCrest Communications which has been organizing technology seminars in the past three years. There is no word yet if Gutierrez?s son, activist and Akbayan part-list representative Ibarra ?Barry? Gutierrez Jr., has hired a lawyer to represent his father in court. Correction: An earlier version of this story stated that Mr. Querubin was confident in lending money to Mr. Gutierrez because the latter was expecting to claim the insurance proceeds of his deceased wife. Mr. Querubin called us to say that he now remembers Mr. Gutierrez telling him that he was expecting the proceeds of the sale of a condo unit in QC. ]]>

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