British telecom firms seek expanded trade ties with PH

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By Ike Suarez Highlighting anew the emergence of the Philippines as a rising star in the global economy, a trade mission from the United Kingdom (UK) recently visited the Philippines in search of business opportunities in the country. [caption id="attachment_29453" align="aligncenter" width="600"]UK?s deputy ambassador to the Philippines Nigel Boud UK?s deputy ambassador to the Philippines Nigel Boud[/caption] Participants in the UK Telecoms and Broadcast Mission ? representatives of key players in those two sectors in their country ? flew to Manila for two-day exploratory talks last October with Philippine counterparts from the private and public sectors. Companies represented in the UK Telecoms and Broadcast Mission were the following: British Telecoms (BT) Global Service, Cambridge Broadband Network, Infobip, Case Communications, Electronics Media Services (EMS), TSL Professional Products Ltd, Television Systems Ltd., Argosy Broadcast Asia, Television Versioning and Translation, The Bridge 8 Ltd. and Brandwatch. ?These companies can provide telecommunication technologies and solutions that would help address the growing needs of the Philippine market, including IT-enabled industries, service sectors and the over 100 million mobile subscribers,? said the British Embassy in Manila. ?As the Philippines prepares for Asean integration, the quality and reliability of the information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure becomes an increasingly critical factor in business success, the briefing paper said further. It pointed out that the ICT sector is one of the largest wealth creators in the country, it being one of the fastest growing sectors in their country?s economy. A briefing paper pointed out that the ICT sector contributed around seven percent (99.7 billion pounds) to UK economy?s Gross Value Added (GVA) in 2013. It also said UK?s online economy contributed 7.5 % or 113 pounds billion to the GVA of their country?s economy and in doing so, supported 1.3 million jobs in their country. ?Recent research supported by Bloomberg suggests the tech and information sector in London, Southeast and East England is growing faster than that of California,? added the briefing paper. UK?s deputy ambassador to the Philippines Nigel Boud said British companies have seen the potential for increased trade between his country and Philippines. ?That?s why British companies want to come here,? he said. ]]>

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