Panasonic lifts curtains on HD surveillance camera in PH

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panasonic HD It provides multiple H.264 (High profile) and JPEG video streams for simultaneous real-time monitoring and high-resolution recording. Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) control features include a 360-degree map shot that provides the full 360-degree field of view, separated into eight thumbnail images taken at 45-degree intervals. Clicking on any thumbnail easily directs the PTZ camera. Its auto tracking feature allows the camera to automatically pan and tilt to follow a moving subject and keep it in the center of the image. Featuring Panasonic’s UniPhier LSI chip (H.264 high-profile format), it combines HD video and real-time video streaming at a lower data size. A new 1.3-megapixel MOS image sensor enables high sensitivity and lower power consumption. To increase user system options, the camera is Open Network Video Interface (ONVIF)-compliant, while system migration is more easily facilitated with the H.264 or MPEG-4 selectable format. Super Dynamic and Adaptive Black Stretch (ABS) technologies combine to deliver 128x wider dynamic range than conventional cameras. Its Face Super Dynamic feature ensures clear images of faces, and a face-detection function detects the position of human faces and sends the information by XML or video stream. The dynamic HD network camera includes panning with auto flip function (0-360?), making it suitable for large area surveillance. Besides, the PTZ control feature with 360? map shot allows the camera to capture images at full 360? field-of-view at 45? intervals, divided into 8 thumbnails that easily direct the PTZ camera. VMD (Video Motion Detection), with 4 programmable detection areas, 15 sensitivity levels, and 10 levels of detection size, triggers an alarm when motion is detected in a designated portion of the video display. When motion is detected, users can receive email notifications or upload pre- and post-alarm snapshots via FTP. Its zone blanking capability blanks out an entire area or zone (which is set by a system operator) to eliminate any unnecessary video information from being processed, thus decreasing video traffic over a network. Up to 8 zones can be programmed to output blank video for areas not requiring video surveillance. The auto-tracking feature allows the network dome camera to automatically pan/tilt to follow moving subjects, ensuring that no event is missed. The full duplex bi-directional communication allows you to talk to visitors or potential intruders from operator’s base station. When multiple recorders or client PCs access the camera, users can prioritize one of the videos for maintaining the frame rate using the prioritize stream control function. The SD/SDHC card slot for on-board storage prevents data loss due to network connection and also makes efficient use of bandwidth by reducing the transmission of unnecessary data. For added versatility, the high definition surveillance camera allows desktop or ceiling position and can be mounted on optional brackets. ]]>

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