Sophos intros synchronized security to endpoints and networks

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sophos heartbeat The new technology directly links next-generation firewalls and UTMs with next-generation endpoint security to share threat intelligence that enables faster detection of threats, automatic isolation of infected devices, and more immediate and targeted response and resolution. With Security Heartbeat, organizations of any size can advance their defenses against increasingly coordinated and stealthy attacks and drive a dramatic reduction in the time and resources required to investigate and address security incidents. The Security Heartbeat pulses continuous, real-time information about suspicious behavior or malicious activity between endpoints and the network firewall or UTM. By giving these traditionally independent products the ability to directly share intelligence, the Security Heartbeat can instantly trigger a response to stop or help control a malware outbreak or data breach. The Sophos XG Firewall uses data provided by Sophos endpoint protection to isolate and restrict access to and from the affected device, and in parallel, the endpoint protection can remediate the attack. IT organizations can benefit from advanced threat protection capabilities without requiring additional agents, layers of complex management tools, logging and analysis tools, or expense, Sophos said. The Security Heartbeat is fully enabled and included as part of the Sophos XG Firewall and Sophos Cloud-managed endpoint protection. ?Synchronized security from Sophos is a key innovation in next-generation security protection, and we are delivering that through Sophos Security Heartbeat,? said Stuart Fisher, managing director for Asia Pacific at Sophos. ?For years, endpoint security and network security operated in isolated silos and failed to deliver the same level of coordinated security defense needed against fast-moving, coordinated threats. ?Today, real-time information can be shared between endpoints and the network to provide an automated and immediate response to suspicious behavior without any manual intervention. Synchronized security delivers better protection and manageability for organizations of any size, and this is particularly important to small and mid-sized businesses.? Available models range from a desktop appliance with integrated Wi-Fi to rack-mount appliances for the data center. ]]>

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