Laguna tech manufacturer invests in Banatao-led WiFi startup

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cirtek CloudMondo, which is also chaired by Banatao, seeks to ?enable a high-bandwidth, cloud-managed, gigabyte wireless access and backhaul platform.? According to CloudMondo CEO Ihab Abu-Hakima: “In much of the developing world, WiFi access is too expensive and characterized by slow, unreliable connectivity. ?At the same time, you see the continuing growth of Over-the-top (OTT) value-added services to address the growth in e-business. The visions of CloudMondo is to establish a global, high-bandwidth WiFi network and create a global marketplace for a broad portfolio of OTT services.” Jerry Liu, chairman of Cirtek, said the investment in CloudMondo puts the company in an excellent position to jumpstart and expand its business from manufacturing to connectivity and content. Cirtek is expected to manufacture and supply millimeterwave radios in the 60 to 80 GHz spectrum to CloudMondo. Leading global IT companies and e-commerce businesses like Apple, Paypal, Google, and Facebook recently announced that they are all moving towards using 60-80 GHz broadband wireless technology for connectivity as the world enters the era of Internet of Things (IoT). The trial deployment of the CloudMondo network is scheduled in early 2016, with Manila among the pilot areas. Thereafter, operations will be scaled up and expanded, initially in Southeast Asia. ]]>

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