Day: February 24, 2016

Online survey reveals favorite vacation spots of couples

Bruges, Belgium topped the global list of destinations with an 8.8, the highest overall rating. This medieval town looks like it?s straight out of a fairytale, so it?s no surprise that it was so popular with couples.

LockByMobile working with Visa APIs to enhance transaction controls

Voyager is now in the process of using the Visa Consumer Transaction Control (VCTC) APIs to develop a solution that will provide Visa cardholders from participating banks in the Philippines and key markets worldwide with spend control functionality.

PLDT lures PH firms with new hashtag hotline #MyNumber service

The #MyNumber service simplifies the hotline system of any business to a single, easy-to-remember four to eight-digit contact number beginning with the hash sign or pound key (e.g. #8888). This single number is accessible to consumers nationwide through PLDT landlines, Smart, Talk N? Text, and Sun mobile subscribers.

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