Online portal for whistleblowers in GOCCs unveiled

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Web portal for whistleblowers against shenanigans in government-owned and controlled corporations (GOCCs). gcg The GCG said the Web portal will serve as an online platform for concerned individuals, whether from the GOCC Sector or the general public, to report to GCG perceived anomalies in the GOCC sector. The agency said it will serve as the primary reporting channel, in addition to e-mail, postal mail, and telephone. ?It is GCG?s latest anti-corruption reform, intended to complement its other transparency and accountability programs, such as mandatory disclosures on the GOCC?s website and the adoption of ?No Gift Policies? by GOCCs. The GCG hopes to encourage GOCC employees and the public to take part in strengthening integrity in the GOCC sector,? the agency said. The commission has prioritized maintaining whistleblower anonymity since the launch of a memorandum whistleblowing for the GOCC sector in 2014. By design, the website does not require any personal information of the whistleblower to be submitted to GCG, the agency said. The website also allows whistleblowers to access the status of their report through a generated Whistleblowing ID. This Whistleblowing ID allows whistleblowers access to the status of their reports, and enables them to provide additional information. ?Only authorized GCG officers are granted access to the reports, and each and every report received is treated with utmost consideration and confidentiality,? the agency said. ?Once an investigation is concluded, the Governance Commission may endorse to the appropriate government agency, such as the Office of the Ombudsman, the pursuit of criminal and/or administrative processes against the person/s complained of; or recommend to the President or to the Governing Board the removal of the concerned Appointive Directors, or officers, respectively, as the case may be. ? The commission said it may also enjoin concerned GOCCs to comply with applicable laws or jurisprudence, or undertake corrective measures to address the matters raised in the report. Reports on irregularities even within the commission may also be submitted to the Web portal. ]]>

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