Japan healthcare firm unveils startup challenge for Pinoys

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By Edd K. Usman A Japanese healthcare company founded in 1781 is challenging Filipinos with a knack for innovation to compete in the ?Digital Healthcare Innovation Challenge (DHIC) for Better Healthcare to More People?. takeda Its branch in the country, Takeda Healthcare Philippines Inc. (THPI), launched the competition at A Space Makati, Makati City, on Monday, May 16. Designed as a startup pitching competition, the objective is to bring together healthcare and digital experts in search for a digital innovation solution with focus on oncology. Takeda country director Gabriel Georgy explained why the Japanese firm came up with the challenge. “Takeda is committed to innovation, in fact it is one of our values in Takeda-ism. This is something we try to do every single day; find ways of being innovative so we can serve and support more patients,” he said at the launch. A visit at the Takeda website showed what “Takeda-ism” is all about. It is the company’s corporate philosophy, which stands for “Integrity: Fairness, Honesty and Perseverance” which its founders developed for more than 230 years. The company known as Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited is based in Osaka, Japan, was incorporated in 1925 and its business covers research and development (R&D), manufacturing, sales and marketing, and import/export of pharmaceutical drugs. Through the startup competition, the company is strengthening its commitment to digital healthcare in the country while seeking to learn about relevant business opportunities in the region. “This will also be our initiative to venture into support and investment for the digital community,” THPI said in an email. It noted further the Takeda DHIC caters to technology startups with matured digital solutions that can help the company provide better health care in the long term. Developers, programmers, incubators, and mentors can participate and pitch on August 6 their best digital healthcare solutions they can come up with. “The Takeda DHIC does not stop at finding a winner; this will be an ongoing effort on the part of Takeda to support and promote healthtech solutions relevant to their patient-centric products. In the long term, the Takeda DHIC in the Philippines will and can be our prototype for bringing this agenda to some other parts of the globe,” the company assured. ]]>

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