Janitor-turned-BPO worker narrates how he clinched dream job

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maja blanca or leche flan that his wife cooked in the public market. [caption id="attachment_32064" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Sitel Academy sessions are always fully-booked but to ensure the high quality of learning,  a class?s maximum capacity is 25 enrollees Sitel Academy sessions are always fully-booked but to ensure the high quality of learning,
a class?s maximum capacity is 25 enrollees[/caption] Though grateful for these means to earn a decent living, Leo dreamed of finding a job that he can be truly proud of, and more importantly, one that could help improve his lot and better provide for his family. He and his family (wife and 5 kids) all sleep in a cramped room and share the rest of the small house with his mother and younger brother. But landing a more decent and higher paying job seemed like a pipe dream — until the day Leo?s sister Melanie told him about Sitel Philippines. Melanie had been working then in Sitel as a customer service representative (CSR); she liked the company and figured that Leo should also take a shot at landing a job in the call center. A long shot Leo was no stranger to the BPO industry. He had seen many call center professionals at the mall where he worked. He learned that the contact center business was flourishing, the jobs aplenty, and the pay was good, with ample chances for moving up. He wanted to take a shot at a BPO job, but initially balked because he knew he lacked the college degree. An undergraduate (he dropped out of a Theology course at New Era University) how on earth, would he stand a chance at the company?s rigorous recruitment standards? Still and with some prodding from his wife who fully supported his dream, Leo went ahead and applied at Sitel. The company, he found out, has been in the country since 2000, providing careers to thousands of Filipinos. Leo submitted his application with high hopes but despite his best efforts, his credentials fell short. He tried a second time, but again, failed to hit the mark. ?I admit I was discouraged,? Leo shares in hindsight. ?I was starting to believe that I simply didn?t have and will never have what it takes to clinch the job.? But he soldiered on, knowing full well that the alternative was going back to a job with little or no chances of growth. On his third attempt ? and seeing his determination and perseverance ? Sitel?s recruitment personnel referred Leo to Sitel Academy, the company?s near-hire training program. Renewed hopes The Sitel Academy is a skills enhancement program that caters specifically to people like Leo who wish to build a career in the BPO industry but fail to make the grade. Established in April 2007 with a team of seven trainers, Sitel Academy seeks to provide free call center training to anyone who?s keenly interested to work in BPO. First launched at Sitel Baguio, Pasig City soon followed, and later on, the footprint of Sitel academy expanded to other cities and provinces. Sitel Academy?s initial thrust was on communication skills development, but it has now expanded to include modules on technical skills as well as customized offerings. These enhancements were made to address various competency gaps identified as the requirements of the industry evolved and became more complex. ?We saw the need for Sitel Academy because a consistently significant number of our applicants do not pass our recruitment process; in particular, they lack the needed English proficiency and/or computer skills needed,? explains Ofelia Montallana-Orcales, Sitel regional director for learning and development. ?Instead of turning them away and telling them to come back in three to six months with no guarantee of improvement, we decided to look for a way to bridge the skills gap and help so-called ?near hires? get hired.? ?Sitel Academy helped me build the skills I needed to work in a BPO,? Leo shares. ?And I didn?t only learn the basics on language and communication, but I also learned about the call center business and how to navigate customer service.? After completing his training courses, Leo applied at Sitel anew. Equipped with the basic requisites, plus a renewed confidence, he finally made it as a customer service representative. [caption id="attachment_32065" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Enthusiasm and a zest for learning the rudiments of BPO/call center work, is evident in the faces of these Sitel Academy enrollees Enthusiasm and a zest for learning the rudiments of BPO/call center work, is evident in the faces of these Sitel Academy enrollees[/caption] Changing lives After two years on the job, Leo got his first promotion. Today, he is one of Sitel?s most successful coaches. He proudly shares that he?s now able to send his kids to private school and his wife remains a full-time home-maker. He also disclosed plans to renovate their home and split in into two, so he and his family can live in a home all to themselves, with his mom and younger brother in a separate but adjacent home. Leo?s story is one of many inspiring Sitel Academy success stories. ?The Sitel Academy is a pioneering program that allows us to help underprivileged but talented and determined Filipinos to get a job and secure a brighter future for themselves and their families.? As of 2015, the Sitel Academy has seen more than 5,000 graduates with an average hiring rate of 60% — one of the highest in the industry. Over the years, it has broadened its scope to include undergraduates as well, forging key partnerships with universities and colleges throughout the country to provide opportunities for college students through on-the-job training, part-time employment, and soft skills training, such as communications skills courses. Likewise, Sitel Learning and Development experts assist partner universities in curriculum review and development, to ensure the school?s curriculum covers all the requirements needed to best prepare students for employment. ?Sitel Academy is one of the strongest pillars under Sitel?s Corporate Social Responsibility initiative,? Orcales shares. We are laying a strong foundation for the next generation of BPO leaders.? Meanwhile, Leo doesn?t want to stop at being a Sitel coach. ?One of the most important lessons I learned at Sitel Academy which has been reinforced while working at Sitel is that there is no limit to what I can achieve. If I continue to work hard, I know I can be a team leader one day.? ]]>

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