PH software firm rolls out ?Barangay Basketball? mobile game app

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Barangay Basketball3 ?Our love for basketball and the stories of success from unknown dreamers to hoop champions have inspired us to create Barangay Basketball,? said Josh Bautista, product manager of Barangay Basketball. Barangay Basketball features five different mini-games within one app. Players can learn how to dribble, shoot, block, and dunk; then apply all of these skills in a boss match. But it?s more than just another breezy game to pass the time. The twists on the game characters alone will leave you happily going through its chapters and episodes. There?s Joaquin ?Wax? Rivera, son of a former basketball superstar, who needs a little nudge to take his game to pro league level. His struggle to make it to the top like his father drives Barangay Basketball towards a slam dunk. More than willing to lend a hand are Coach B and a group of ?masters? of the game who may have been thugs from another dimension, but who happen to be some interesting characters in the new neighborhood Wax now lives in, Barangay 143. Coach B is a former PBA player whose sole claim to fame is scoring the winning basket in a game. Croco Martin, a police officer who?s also an excellent marksman, helps Wax sharpen his shooting skills. Popoy Palpalatoc gives defensive tips drawn from his experience as a coconut delivery boy. Barangay 143?s resident beautician, Gardo Distrito, slams the ball home like no other in the barangay. Boy Pana is a homeboy toughie whose tool of the trade is a homemade arrow. There are tricks up the sleeve of mentors and opponents that are as unique as the characters themselves. You dribble your way through the court while avoiding Boy Pana?s arrows. Get your shots right through the hoop or Croco Martin will literally shoot your balls down. Maneuver your way around the court to block Popoy?s quick and confusing moves. Swipe the screen with the corresponding patterns so you can bring home a dunk with flair. Test all that you?ve learned in a head-to-head contest against many challengers that stand in Wax?s way. Three of the game?s main characters were voiced by some prominent celebrities ? including teen stars Patrick Sugui for Wax and Ysabel Ortega for Vicky, Coach B?s daughter; and veteran character actor Joey Marquez for Coach B. Set in Tondo, Barangay Basketball captures the atmosphere of a working class neighborhood. It puts the game player right where the gritty action takes place. The conversations and shout-outs among the characters are also funnily on the money. They fully express an unyielding passion to the game in the heat of the moment. Menus are clean and easy to navigate while the graphics are crisply rendered. The task of turning Wax from gangling amateur to solid pro league star takes on an almost life-changing challenge. If you love the thrill of the making of an unlikely superstar, get Barangay Basketball on Google Play store at; or on iTunes at ]]>

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