Intel PH country manager is latest top executive to quit firm

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Photo credit: Facebook page of Calum Chisholm Photo credit: Facebook page of Calum Chisholm[/caption] Chisholm, who hails from Scotland, is the latest top executive of the US subsidiary to quit in recent months. Business development manager Carlo Subido and communications manager Randy Kanapi were some of the employees who recently left as part of an apparent workforce rationalization within the company. Chisholm did not indicate the reason for his departure or where he is headed next. His wife and children are based in Thailand. An amiable fellow who took up a number of sports activities while serving in the country, Chisholm was in charge of Intel?s sales and marketing operations. He spent a total of 20 years with Intel as employer. No stranger to the Philippines, Chisholm took on the role of temporary country manager as part of Intel?s unique rotation program in 2011. For three months, he handled the Philippine market and had the opportunity to work with Intel?s customers, partners and consumers in press. Chisholm joined Intel as product marketing engineer in 1996, and has worked across Europe, Africa and Asia on Intel?s OEM business.]]>

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