PLDT hooks up with MyLegalWhiz to provide legal services to OFWs

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MyLegalWhizOFW The partnership will allow Filipinos abroad to access an online facility called MyLegalWhizOFW that offers legal knowledge, assistance, and guidance on the rights of Filipinos whether living in the Philippines or abroad. ?This credits-based innovative service is really beneficial to Filipinos overseas, especially those who have concerns on properties, businesses, and extended families in the Philippines,? said PLDT EVP and head of enterprise, international, and carrier business Eric Alberto. Overseas Filipinos may access the new service by visiting the online portal and signing up. They will receive an activation link via email that they can use to log on to the website, where they can submit their legal inquiries and receive legal guidance from LEA, which stands for Legal Engineer Assistant. LEA helps in doing legal topic research, explanation of legal terms, and even helps in drafting legal forms. Payment for the service is credits-based, through an e-wallet with a minimum loadable amount of P500 or $10/$12. Credits can be used for receiving legal responses and downloading legal forms. ?Through this 24/7 legal service, they can ask about family laws, labor laws, and general laws. If they need help on legal issues, personal assistant LEA will assist them in making legal forms, equip them with the relevant legal knowledge, and if needed, connect them with a lawyer,? said PGC president and CEO Alex Caeg. ?We have a network of lawyers from different backgrounds which can assist in providing legal guidance in various areas of inquiry. Questions may be in Filipino, English or Taglish and the responses will be in kind,? said Katrina Chua, MyLegalWhiz co-founder. ?Our role is to help the public get a better understanding of legal issues and concepts to help them understand their rights and remedies in a given situation. Consulting with a proper lawyer is still advised when contemplating a certain course of action.? ]]>

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