Globe intros P149 for 5-day int?l data roaming, but?

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roam 149 However, the roaming offer is available only in installment over a period of 12 months, for P149 per month on a Globe myLifestyle postpaid plan. For the 12-month period, customers get 5 days worth of data roaming that can either be consumed on a single trip or on multiple overseas trips. Once successfully enrolled, customers who travel abroad will already be allowed to use their 5-day unlimited data roaming allocation. All one needs to do is to turn on his mobile and data roaming to receive the unlimited data roaming allocation by Globe?s preferred roaming partner. Unused roaming days out of the 5 can simply be used for the next trip as long as it is within the same 12-month period. But, should one exceed 5 days of data roaming, the regular rate of P599 for unlimited 24-hour data roaming will apply. ?What?s even better is that Easy Roam 149 is paid in 12 monthly installments, charged to bill. Easy Roam 149 lets our postpaid customers to plan ahead and truly enjoy the trips they have so longed to take without having to break the bank,? said Globe vice president for emerging strategic businesses Coco Domingo. Targeted for budget-savvy tarvelers, Easy Roam 149 can be used in over 120 countries around the world. To subscribe, interested Globe postpaid customers can visit any Globe store, call the Globe hotline or log on to ]]>

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