Smart has committed to put up 2,000 cell sites in 2 years: solon

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An LTE cell site An LTE cell site [/caption] Ejercito said he got Smart’s commitment during the Public Services Committee hearing on Thursday, Feb. 23, after raising the issue of user-per-density ratio of 47.1-million Smart subscribers to more than 15,000 cell sites nationwide. Smart, the wireless unit of PLDT, is currently renewing its congressional franchise to operate its network for another 25 years. “Now in the Philippines, the ratio is one cell site per 2,244 users. We are one of the heaviest users of social media in the world. We learned that this is where the disparity lies. If Smart acts on building additional 2,000 cell sites, this will surely bring down the user-per-density ratio and improve services,” Ejercity, vice chairperson of public services, said. Ejercito said Smart also promised to provide improved services within the year as it starts to put up at least 700 additional cell sites. “Both government and private sectors are dependent on our telecom facilities. That is why we are willing to help improve its utilities and services. We can do this by incorporating all recommendations of the National Telecommunications Commission, Department of Information and Communications Technology, and also urban planning and telecomms experts for other issues such as putting up more cell sites,” he said. ]]>

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