Mobile app aims to address 'glaring disconnect' in real estate

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Swoop The mobile app features crisp 360-degree property photos; algorithms to facilitate best matches; instant listings on multiple websites; seamless switching from buyer to seller mode; real-time updates; and hassle-free scheduling of property viewing, right within the app. But it keeps things personal with something other apps or websites don’t have ? true customer focus. Swoop founder Neva Talladen explains, “Our twin approach is to deliver great customer experience and develop consumer empowerment. Real estate is something people should be knowledgeable with, and it?s part of Swoop?s advocacy.” At the heart of Swoop are its Advocates ? dedicated staff who support and advise Swoop users. Once you sign up, you are assigned an Advocate, and can chat with them through the app for specific concerns, anytime during the workday. Moreover, they are committed to staying with the client from the first transaction to the last. ?You talk to only one person throughout your Swoop experience, and since Advocates are assessed based on customer ratings, not sales quotas, you?re sure to get the best experience possible,? adds Talladen, noting that the setup allows them to charge only one percent in commission. The Advocates are complemented by Swell Partners: companies that share Swoop?s vision of a full circle, hassle-free real estate experience for customers. Megaworld Prime and KMC Savills have entrusted their ready-for-occupancy listings to the Swoop Advocates, while design-and-build firm Foxfort Construction Corporation joined as the interior design arm. Security Bank is Swoop?s home loans and financing partner. Through its unique business model, Swoop is taking real estate into the world of tech, without removing the human touch so embedded in the industry and Filipino psyche. The app caters to those who are buying or selling, as well as those renting out or looking to rent.]]>

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