PNP launches online license, registration system for firearms

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PNP launches online LTOPF and Firearms Registration System

Posted by Philippine National Police on Tuesday, April 4, 2017
FEO director Chief Supt. Cesar Binag, in a press conference in Camp Crame, Quezon City, said that with the new online application, the system would not only be expedited but also the registration of firearms would be “corruption-free”. Binag added that under the new system, the “fixers” will be eradicated because of the faster procedure and that the applicants would not anymore need to give “grease money” in order to release their respective gun licenses. He stressed that with the new online application, the LTOPF can be released in just 10 minutes based on the schedule provided to the applicants. The online LTOPF will be similar with the application of visa or passport, which will set the “appointment schedule” of the applicants. Bonag pointed out that the old requirements then and even the processing fees of the applicants will be the same under the new system. — PNA]]>

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