BPO execs tell young Pinoys to go into games development

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By Jun N. Aguirre KALIBO, Aklan — Filipino programmers should explore online and mobile games development as this field is becoming more lucrative here and abroad. [caption id="attachment_18936" align="aligncenter" width="516"]Photo credit: www.techsterr.com Photo credit: www.techsterr.com[/caption] During an ICT forum organized by the Aklan provincial government held here recently, Jhondie Abenaza, a national gaming expert, said games development is one area where Filipinos can excel and hit the jackpot. “There?s a big opportunity in gaming. Vietnam already has a global hit — Flappy Bird. We?re still waiting for a Filipino who could create a global phenomenon in terms of gaming,” he said, although he noted that the Philippines has already captured the global market for animation. For his part, Jonathan De Luzuriaga, president of the Philippine Software Industry Association (PSIA), said the local gaming industry is still in its infancy stage. “We?ve received questions if our local industry is already late in the game. My answer is that we are still promoting the Philippines to become the number one in business process outsourcing (BPO),” he said. India is currently the number global leader followed closely by the Philippines, De Luzuriaga said. Countries such as China and Mexico are fast catching up as well, he added. “The BPO sector is now $22.5-billion dollar industry in the Philippines. We are targeting to reach around $38 billion dollars in the years to come. We need more Filipino talents to fill the gap,” said De Luzuriaga. “There are some worries that US president Donald Trump may pressure American call center companies to restrict their operations. The government is government, and business is business. We are confident that we will cope with this. Australia and New Zealand are also coming to the Philippines to set up their own BPO centers,” he said. Currently, private companies involved in the ICTs are coordinating with the Department of Labor and Employment to allow young people below18 years old to work in the BPO sector. “One sad reality is that although BPO firms in Metro Manila are operating 24/7, they only get to hire five to ten recruits out of 100 applicants due to a limited number of available talents. I am encouraging the academe to increase their standards so that we could hire more Filipinos in the BPO sector,” he said. ]]>

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