Mobile game EverWing intros Pinoy mythical creatures

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Filipino EverWing Dragons The much-anticipated Filipino creatures will be unleashed on the mobile game at the Philippine Dragon Festival starting on Wednesday, July 19, at 1 p.m. Created by US-based Blackstorm Labs and with over 7 million players in the Philippines, EverWing is an epic online shooter game on Facebook Messenger that lets users control Guardians and their dragon sidekicks ? armed with unique powers ? to an endless fight with wicked Monsters and Bosses. Poised to draw even more Filipino gamers, EverWing will include five Pinoy mythical creatures in its roster of dragons possessing special attributes, including: Sarangay, a bull with a muscular body and bejeweled ears; Lampong, a bright-eyed deer with a long beard; Kiwig, a fierce and fiery pig; Buwaya, a crocodile with a saddle on its back; and Bakunawa, a serpentine dragon. “This lineup of Philippine dragons is our treat to millions of Filipinos, who are among our most engaged and passionate players in the world,” said Michael Carter, CEO of Blackstorm. “With their distinct characteristics, these Filipino dragons will surely take your game to the next level, so we hope the entire world will enjoy this update.” A highly social game, EverWing lets players challenge their friends on a weekly tournament or team up with their group to defeat Bosses, as well as post and share their scores and ranking. ?Smart is one with EverWing fans and gamers in welcoming this latest line-up of dragons, which draws from the rich Philippine folklore to give the game a uniquely Filipino flavor,? said PLDT and Smart first vice president and wireless consumer division head Renren Reyes. ]]>

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