Pinoys, Thais least likely in Asia-Pacific to use app to order pizza

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unnamed According to research firm YouGov, just 4% of those polled from the Philippines and Thailand said they use a mobile app to order pizza. Despite new technologies offering ever more convenient means of ordering fast food, just one in ten consumers (11%) prefer to use apps to order pizza. Chinese consumers are the most likely to use apps to order pizza delivery, with a quarter of consumers (26%) preferring to use apps to order their delivery. Across the region, phoning up is the most widely used means to order pizza, favored by 44% of those polled, followed by ordering online, used by 29% of respondents. In terms of what people like on a pizza, the research found that the region?s favorite topping is mushrooms, which are a favorite with nearly two thirds of Asia Pacific residents (65%). Mushrooms are particularly popular with older generations; 71% of over 55s consider mushrooms to be one of their favorite pizza toppings, compared with 56% of those aged 16-24. Joining mushrooms as Asia Pacific?s most popular pizza toppings are chicken (53%), beef (52%), onions (47%) and pineapple (45%). unnamed Meanwhile sweetcorn, tuna, olives and chillies are the least popular of the options given, disliked by 25%, 24%, 22% and 21% of respondents, respectively. As with liked ingredients, there is a correlation between consumers? age and the toppings they dislike. For instance, onions are disliked as a pizza topping by more than a fifth of 16-24 year olds (22%) but disliked by just 13% of those over 55. When it comes to the crust, another generational divide emerges. Cheese-stuffed crusts are the most popular among young people but the least popular among older generations; 40% of 16-24 year olds say their favorite type of crust is cheese-stuffed, almost double the number of those aged 55+ who share the same view (22%). By contrast, the majority of over 55s (51%) prefer thin-crust pizza. Thick crust is the least popular type of crust, favored by 21% of all respondents.]]>

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