Automation solution allows hotels to offer personalized room lighting, temperature

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By Edd K. Usman A French energy and automation solutions company has launched a suite of products that will allow hotels to personalize lighting and temperature settings of their rooms while saving on electricity costs. Using Schneider Electric?s guest room management solutions (GRMS), operators of hotels and lodging facilities will be able to control lights and air-conditioning in rooms individually without having to worry about excessive energy use, an executive said. [caption id="attachment_39212" align="aligncenter" width="600"](From L-R) Schneider Electric execs Michael Sapitan, Amalan Kanagaratnam, and Lorenz Payonga during the launch of the company's guest room management solutions (From L-R) Schneider Electric execs Michael Sapitan, Amalan Kanagaratnam, and Lorenz Payonga during the launch of the company’s guest room management solutions[/caption] Instead of having one switch each for lighting, climate control, and other room functions, Schneider Electric?s products ?will integrate them all into one solution,? according to Lorenz “Enzo” Ray B. Payonga, the company?s operational offer manager. “Guest rooms are unoccupied 70 percent of the time, yet account for 80 percent in energy consumption,” Payonga said during the product launch on July 26. “Through the Integrated Hotel Solutions and Guest Room Management Solutions, Schneider Electric simplifies complexity with a single integrated platform that ensures hotels are connected, sustainable, comfortable, efficient, and safe, even granting them up to 44 percent in energy savings,” he added. These solutions ? which come in three variations ? even offer motion sensors to detect whether a room is occupied or not, said Amalan Kanagaratnam, hotel segment leader of Schneider Electric. He also assured that these solutions do not use nor involve any CCTV cameras. Schneider Electric?s guest room solutions come in three packages: the Limited Service Standalone Guest Room Management Solution (LSSGRMS); Limited Service Integrated Guest Room Management Solution (LSIGRMS); and Full Service & Luxury Integrated Guest Room Management Solution (FSLIGRMS). The first is perfect for limited service hotels that want to control energy use in guest rooms and need a simple solution with easy installation and quick return on investment. It also allows optimization of guest room energy consumption based on occupancy detection. The second solution, among others, allows hotel operators to view and manage individual rooms or the entire network of rooms, to increase energy efficiency, monitor alarms and events, and perform proactive maintenance. The third package caters to hotels that want to provide the ultimate in-room experience for their guests. It offers a hotel room controller (HRC) for each room, allowing guests to manage multiple lights, curtains, Do Not Disturb (DND)/Make Up Room (MUR) notifications, and tablet applications.]]>

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