Great things come in pairs at Great Samsung Sale 2017

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GSS2017_Thematic_FA Are you looking for an ultimate entertainment getaway? If the answer is yes, then the Galaxy Tab S3 is what to get. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 provides the cinematic experience on a 9.7-inch Super AMOLED display and powerful sounds by quad-stereo speakers, tuned by AKG by HARMAN. It also comes with a Refined S Pen that allows users to be more productive, creative, and do multiple things at once. Purchase this bundle at the Great Samsung Sale and get a free Level U Pro. Perhaps a portable productivity Tab? For a sleek, modern feel, the Galaxy Tab A is eye-catching. Measuring just 7.5 mm for unbeatable portability, it comes with an S-Pen that lets you write notes as you would use a pen, lets you enjoy the art of calligraphy and makes it very easy to drag and drop multiple files around. Best to purchase a Galaxy Tab A now because it?s bundled with a free B105E smartphone. Or you?re looking for some performance boost? For those looking for a smartphone that?s packing some heavy power, the Galaxy C9 Pro is what you?re looking for. It is the ultimate performance enhancer, with its whopping 6GB RAM. Lag times will become a thing of the past as this smartphone allows you to run multiple apps and seamlessly switch from one app to another. This will also be coming with a 64GB internal memory. This bundle comes with a bonus B350E phone. Get this to fit that A+ attitude The Galaxy A7 (2017) brings premium features and style within reach. It has a metal frame and 3D glass back that stays true to Samsung?s premium and seamless design. It also steps up the camera game with a large 16MP high-resolution front and rear cameras that can effortlessly capture every precious moment across all environments, even in low-light conditions with an F1.9 aperture, to deliver double-tap worthy selfies and travel photos worth sharing to everyone online. Get the Galaxy A7 (2017) and get a free B105E phone that you can keep as extra Prime up your performance Get the prime performance that lets you stay ahead for a price within reach. The Galaxy J7 Prime comes with a powerful Octa-core processor built in ? its processing speed means faster boot-up time that allows you to go from one app to another quickly. It comes with 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM, along with a large 256MB expandable memory commonly found in premium smartphones, that lets you store more of the photos and videos you love, without having to delete them. It also boasts of a high capacity 3300mAh battery with much faster charging period, which means less down time and more time to enjoy your phone. With the sleek and premium design of its curved metal unibody, the Galaxy J7 Prime gives you the prestige of Samsung and the upgraded product experience that you definitely deserve. This bundle comes with a free Samsung B105E. Shoot at night with a prime night camera Level up your photography skills with the new Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime that lets you take great photos even at night with its prime night camera, all thanks to is 13MP rear camera with an F/1.9 aperture. Get this smartphone at the Great Samsung Sale and get a free Samsung B105E. Flash that prime selfie with pride If you?re looking for something to capture that perfect smile, the Galaxy J2 Prime is perfect for those prime selfies with its front flash. It comes with an 8MP+5MP camera with front flash so you can better capture your daily milestones ? whether it?s about trying out that restaurant you?ve been dying to go to, or about the new outfit you got ? that you can easily share on social media. Thanks to the front flash, you?re always looking bright and photo-ready at any time of the day. Get the Galaxy J2 Prime at the Great Samsung Sale and get a free clear cover. What?s your perfect pair? Mark your calendars and don?t miss this sale from August 11 to September 17. ]]>

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