Samsung PH intros Gear VR headset and Gear 360 wireless camera

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By Edd K. Usman South Korean tech titan Samsung is stepping up efforts in the virtual reality (VR) realm as it introduced in the country on Friday, Aug. 18, its Gear VR 2017 headset and Gear 360 camera. Samsung Gear VR and Gear 360 camera The latest iteration of the company’s VR headset works with a host of high-end Samsung smartphones such as Galaxy S8 Plus, S8, Note 5, S6, S6 Edge, and S6 Edge Plus. At a product launch in Bonifacio Global City, Samsung Philippines executives said this year’s version of the Gear VR makes viewing content easy as it is now paired with the Gear wireless controller that connects via Bluetooth. The device also has new content which can be chosen from more than 700 apps and games in the Oculus Store, where users aching to taste immersive experience can download the content they want. Before the arrival of the 2017 Gear VR, users either have to sit on a swivel chair or strain their neck as they move side-to-side to view the whole 360-degree video or photo contents. “Now, we have the Gear VR controller that makes navigation a breeze with just a few clicks and swipes in one hand,” Samsung Philippines said in a statement. “Relive that moment you rode on an ATV up a nature trail, when you went road-tripping in the countryside, or when you went for a walk in the busy streets of a big foreign city.” Trying out Samsung Gear VR 2017 The Gear 360 camera ? the second iteration of the original ? complements the Gear VR by enabling a view of the world in full 360-degree angle. The Gear 360 camera has one lens each at the front and at the back. Each camera separately captures 180 degrees, then the camera and its software stitches videos or images captured by each camera to make a 360-degree content. Apart from the Gear VR headset, users can also watch their content in a PC using the mouse to scroll to get the 360-degree view. Using a smartphone just takes moving it side-to-side to watch the 360-degree content. Also, the Gear 360 lets users do live streaming of its content through its Live Broadcast feature by pairing it with a smartphone or a PC. All one has to do is choose the platform like Facebook and then share it live in 360-degree. There are various modes on which capturing videos and photos can be done. These videos and photos can then be stored via microSD. Its battery can last up to 130 minutes. The Gear 360 camera sells for P10,990 while the Gear VR retails for P5,990 in Samsung stores nationwide. ]]>

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