Sony PH reveals new models hopping in h.ear headphone family

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There are five shades coming out: Horizon Green, Twilight Red, Grayish Black, Pale Gold and Moonlit Blue. Giving listeners more control on how they listen, the new Sony Headphones Connect app is available for the wireless headphones with an equalizer adjusting the music to personal preferences. This enables users choose from Arena, Club, Concert Hall or Outdoor Stage mode. Sony WH-H800 The compact design of the h.ear on 2 Mini Wireless (WH-H800) sticks to the minimalistic and lightweight motif, meaning this on-ear wireless headphones is perfect for switching on as you head out to your dstination.


Capable of staying up to 24 hours without needing to charge again, the WH-H800 has an LDAC and DSEE HX capability when the cable is connected. In addition to its battery life, users can get 90 minutes of power from 10-minute recharging. Sony WH-H900N The h.ear on 2 Wireless NC (WH-H900N) carries a wireless noise-cancelling technology with touch control in the around-ear style. It has a touch control feature and is able to tap the Headphones Connect app so users can control everything easier.


In the power department, the WH-H900N has 28 hours of battery life and Quick Charging for just 10 minutes to get stretch the power to 65 minutes more. Sony WI-H700 Engineered for listening to music and taking calls, the h.ear in 2 Wireless (WI-H700) is the wireless behind-the-neck style option?with a magnet clip to secure at the ends, taking away the hassle with wires and benefits with a handy call vibration to notify you of incoming calls.


With eight hours of battery life in such a compact size, the WI-H700 is enough to cover most part of your day. Sony?IER-H500A The h.ear in 2 (IER-H500A) is an improved version of the popular h.ear in headphones (MDR-EX750AP) aimed for in-ear form factor lovers.


It comes in the new h.ear series colour palette coupled with high-end components to ensure precise and detailed sound. Sony NW-A40 The A40 series is smartly designed with a small 3.1 inch touchscreen for an easy navigation as it has less layer screen options.


Boasting its 45 hours of battery life, it is compatible with Hi-Res Audio and has an S-Master HX digital amplifier built in with DSEE HX to upscale your existing library of music while also being able to play DSD files.. This digital music player is also compatible with MQA?file format. Ambient Sound and Noise Cancelling modes are available when you use the headphones included in box with NW-A45HN, while wireless connectivity by Bluetooth technology is also offered as an alternative way.]]>

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