Pharmacy startup hits milestone with 65,000 users in Southeast Asia

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mClinica country manager Rommel Claveria speaking during the 17th Chief Pharmacists Forum about advancing the pharmacy practice through mobile technology[/caption] mClinica founder Farouk Meralli launched the company in the Philippines in 2013. The company?s flagship product, SwipeRx, a platform for pharmacy professionals, has earned wide adoption from practitioners in the country. As of March 1, SwipeRx counts over 20,000 pharmacy professionals in the Philippines. This means one in every three pharmacists in the Philippines is on the platform. Across Southeast Asia, over 65,000 pharmacy professionals are on SwipeRx, making it the largest network of its kind. Through SwipeRx, pharmacy professionals can ask questions to and collaborate with peers, look up information in registered drug directories, search for and apply to relevant jobs, and even take continuing professional development (CPD) courses that are the only mobile CPD of its kind recognized by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) in the Philippines. Recently, the startup sent an official delegation to the national convention of the Philippine Society of Hospital Pharmacists (PSHP) in Baguio City. Over 150 chief hospital pharmacists and 2,000 hospital pharmacists converged at John Hay Trade and Cultural Center in John Hay for the national convention of Philippine Society of Hospital Pharmacists (PSHP). At the event, officials from both mClinica and PSHP signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) in which the PSHP agreed to promote SwipeRx at the convention, as well as in their future activities. More importantly, PHSP members would now have an exclusive group on SwipeRx for their members, where they can offer free CPD modules. Rommel Claveria, mClinica country manager for the Philippines, said the MOU was a huge step towards developing the pharmacy practice in the nation. ?As a platform, SwipeRx will only become more valuable to users as the PSHP encourages even more of its members to register as users. You will see a classic network effect in action: pharmacy professionals will learn faster, network more efficiently, and collaborate more smoothly as SwipeRx?s user base grows above and beyond even the vibrant community it already has,? said Claveria. ]]>

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