‘Legs on the beach’ tagged most annoying FB vacation photo

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Summer is upon us and we can expect our Facebook and Instagram feeds to show people’s summer getaway photos. The beach is bound to be the backdrop of most of these photos.

In 2017, the Independent UK-based insurance company Aviva did a survey on vacation photos posted on Facebook. They wanted to know how Facebook users felt when they saw their friends’ holiday pictures. The survey revealed that 73 percent of the 2,000 survey respondents said they get agitated or “wound up” when they see “other people’s holiday snaps.”

Photo credit: Stokpic (Pexels)

On the flip side, Metro noted that those posting their vacation photos may enjoy knowing that people who see their pictures are getting stressed out. The report revealed that “one out of five people posting vacation pictures do it to show off where they are.” Meanwhile, “one in ten post to make others at home jealous.”

The survey respondents also revealed that the vacation photo pose that they hated most is “a picture of someone’s legs on the beach.” Around 30 percent of the respondents shared the sentiment. They said the shot was “irritating” and “annoying.”

Apparently, there’s a Tumblr site devoted to making fun of this particular pose because the legs in the photo often look like two hotdogs sticking out.

Back in 2013, the “holiday leg photo” was dubbed as the latest selfie craze. The Daily Mail had noted: “The latest selfie craze, the holiday leg photo ? where happy, mostly women, take a photograph of their tanned glossy legs in the sun ? have been hilariously hijacked by hotdogs.”

Well, it’s already 2018 and so many people are still taking photos of their legs against a beach backdrop. So, does this mean the hotdogs failed to totally hijack the legs-on-the-beach craze? Like it or not, the shot seems to be here to stay. It very literally has legs.

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