ISIS propaganda adds up on Google Plus

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2012 comScore report noted that the average of the most time that users spent on Google Plus was just 3.3 minutes. This was certainly dismal compared to 7.5 hours for Facebook at that time. In other words, not a lot of people really got into it. It seems that Google, though, has not given up on Google Plus, as it was redesigned in November 2015. Now, while Google Plus may not surpass the popularity of Facebook anytime soon, it seems that it has attracted a different kind of “niche audience.” US political news site The Hill said that they “found dozens of pages across Google?s social media platform that explicitly show Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) propaganda, give news updates directly pulled from ISIS media, spread messages of hate towards Jews and other groups or show extremist imagery.” The Hill went on to quote a Google spokesperson who addressed the matter. Google’s official statement reads: “Google rejects terrorism and has a strong track record of taking swift action against terrorist content. We have clear policies prohibiting terrorist recruitment and content intending to incite violence and we quickly remove content violating these policies when flagged by our users. We also terminate accounts run by terrorist organizations or those that violate our policies. While we recognize we have more to do, we?re committed to getting this right.” Newsbytes.PH searched for pro-ISIS content on Google Plus and, sure enough, they were right there. So, what does this mean for Google Plus? Perhaps, now, people will stop asking, “Is Google Plus dead?” and start wondering, “Why do terrorists like Google Plus so much?” It’s one of those online situations that will simply leave people baffled. But at least that’s way better than being brainwashed.]]>

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