Chinese gaming peripherals firm SADES comes to PH

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In a statement, the company said its products will become available through its stores which will be revealed soon. In order to manufacture its products with professional-grade quality and durability, SADES said it puts a lot of attention in the selection of materials to the development of software and hardware. Its engineers, the company said, test every feature of the products to ensure tournament-ready quality. The company?s more than 16 years of R&D and manufacturing experience started when it produced its first headset in 2002. In then built a factory in Dongguan City under the name Huaye Electronic Company. Along the way, its product lines have expanded into gaming chairs, mice and keyboards. SADES then set a vision to have gaming peripherals become an extension of a gamer’s experience. The company also embarked on a journey to exploring more potential in eSports. It has sponsored gaming conventions such as the WCG, NESO and LMS and also extended support to numerous teams. ]]>

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