Day: October 9, 2018

Five firms buy bid documents to become 3rd major telco player

But on the day it bought bid documents, Now Corporation filed a case against the NTC to question ?the P700-million participation security, multi-billion peso performance security, and P10-million non-refundable appeal fee,? according to a tweet by Philippine Daily Inquirer?s Miguel Camus.

House ICT chief calls on Senate to pass Open Access bill

The Open Access Bill, or House Bill No. 6557, passed on third reading by the House of Representatives and was transmitted to the Senate late in 2017. Its counterpart bill in the upper chamber, Senate Bill No. 1763, remains pending on second reading.

ICT group says ‘rushed’ rollout of national ID poses risks

The Computer Professionals’ Union (CPU) called for both the government and the public ?to be more critical and discerning of a policy, which centralizes and makes a tempting target of massive amounts of personal information.?

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